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All past workshops are available as courses for purchase on my Patreon Shop! Check it out here.  NOTE: you do not have to be a member of Patreon to shop!

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A 90-Minute Course on Intuition, Divination, and Getting to Know your Tarot Deck. Learn to read more clearly for yourself and others.

I'll be sharing my wisdom from over a decade of reading tarot. You'll learn how to stop relying on the book that came with your deck and to start trusting your intuition when reading for yourself and others. After this workshop, you'll feel confident in your ability to read the cards, and you'll have laid the foundation for growing a relationship with your cards based on trust and intuition.

We'll go beyond simply divining for answers, and look at how tarot can be used to provide grounding in your day, meditation or journal inspiration, or even help you overcome slumps in your creative work.


All ticket holders will receive:

✧ a recording of the workshop

✧ a workbook including exercises for deepening your relationships with your tarot deck and honing your intuition

✧ a reading list

✧ a meditation for connecting to tarot

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A weekend of learning with 26 amazing witches, spiritual practitioners, and more, including Leandra Witchwood, Lilith Dorsey, Ben Stimpson, and many, many more. Join Elyse for her presentation on ancient Greek and Roman lararia altars, the ancestor altars of our ancestors. She'll be sharing the history, how our ancestors venerated their ancestors, as well as how to make and use a lararia altar yourself!​

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Is Artemis-Hekate a unique deity, or simply one face of a multifaceted goddess?


A native of Artemis, Greece, Elyse Welles presents on the literature and archaeology of Ancient Greek research, particularly looking at evidence from her local temples. At both the Temples of Artemis in Vavrona (Brauron) and the Temple of Artemis Tauropoulos, statuary and offerings to Artemis-Hekate point toward a little-understood “dyad” in ancient Greek religion.


Since the early days of Hekate’s mentions in ancient texts, she has been worshiped with Artemis, sometimes as a dark balance to the latter’s lighter, more jubilant energy, and always as a unique goddess of maiden wisdom. Learn about the conflation and connection of these two powerful Goddesses in Ancient Greece and how you can bring them into your spiritual path today.

More About HekateFest:

HekateFest is a two-day online conference hosted by the Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania-Zootrophos and Sanctuary of Hekate Propolos, Sanctuaries of The Covenant of Hekate November 11th and 12th, 2023. Featuring rituals and talks by authors like Christopher Penczak and Sorita D'Este, this is sure to be an enlightening and enriching event! 

More info and registration link at

Land Spirits Workshop (1).png

Visiting from Artemis' temple lands in Greece, Elyse Welles is a land spirits witch, with a practice centered on connecting to land and spirits of place (numina.) In this 90-minute workshop, learn about spirits of place, how to connect to your local land spirits, and why this relationship will improve your spiritual practice.


September 27th. 2023 - Living Around Eleusis & Connecting to Ancient Greek Land Spirits

Into the Cauldron with Chris Lyon


May 24, 2023 - Sacred Spaces with Elyse Welles

The Witch Daily Show by Tonya Brown

Episode 18: Where in the World is Elyse Welles? Spirit of Place, Seeking Numina, and Spirit-led Travel

Mystic and Holistic Podcast by Alli Jordan


Episode 4: Witches are Crafty w/ Leandra Witchwood and Elyse Welles

Mystic and Holistic Podcast by Alli Jordan

#6: Intentional Living, Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, and Following your Path with Elyse Welles

A Nourishing Place Podcast by Kelly Newton

Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft with Elyse

Friends with Everyone Podcast with Sherry Kuiper

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Past Events:

All past workshops are available as courses for purchase on my Patreon Shop! Check it out here. NOTE: you do not have to be a member of Patreon to shop!

Have you had signs, experiences, or dreams that made you stop and wonder: was that the call? Maybe you've had the call, and you're not sure you want to answer! This is the sign you've been waiting for to take the next step with deity work in your spiritual practice.

Meeting Deity Workshop Cover.png
Spirit-led Travel Workshop (1).png

Spirit-led Travel: Connecting with New Spirits of Place & Land

In this 90-min course, discover the empowerment of spirit-led travel. Learn how to connect to land spirits in new places & return home more grounded.


Learn about spirits of place, how to connect to your local land spirits, and why this relationship will improve your spiritual practice.

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Our Mystical Connection: India, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Witchcraft 

Discover a shared history in how your witchcraft reflects Hindu and Buddhist practices more than you might expect.

You receive:

  1. A worksheet for notes during the workshop,

  2. A resource guide for integrating any customs of interest to your own practice INCLUDING entire books!

Is it a demon or a ghost? What equipment do I need? What kind of questions should I ask a spirit? In this 90-minute presentation, Megan and Elyse share their tips and guidance for dealing with or searching for paranormal activity.

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The Modern History of Witchcraft lecture

Learn how modern witchcraft evolved in the past 150 years, from Spiritualists to feminists, Wiccan to eclectic, and everything in between.

Do we already have spirit guides? Are they the same as guardian angels? Are they dangerous? How do I know it's a spirit guide? Do they have to be dead people? How many do I have?

Elyse Welles is joined by Kelly Newton explain and explore their diverse perspectives on spirit guides, who they are, and how to connect with them. 

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides-4.PNG

I share my poem, "Bougainvillea Bright", published in Yellow Arrow Journal's UpSpring issue.

View the reading here on YouTube. My reading begins at 23:26.

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May 20th, 2022 - "Manifesting a Spiritual Life"

In-person and livestreamed at Symmetry Holistic Collective in York, PA. Available as a FREE course here on Rebel Mystic.

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