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​I am Elyse Welles, a third culture kid, both American and Greek. I grew up in Amish country, Pennsylvania, as well as Bahrain in the Middle East - with a regular smattering of visits to Greece, and travel around the Middle East and Europe. I live in Greece now with my husband and our cat, Emma. 

I'm a full-time witch, writing, coaching, podcasting, YouTubing, and running workshops. I write non-fiction articles, poetry, and short stories, as well as meditations for our YouTube channel, Seeking Numina. Currently I am pursuing the publishing of my first novel, "Witch on the Juniata River."

Seeking Numina is my YouTube channel where I travel to spiritual places to share their history, meditations, and  natural ambience to bring you the spirit of place no matter where you are in the world.

I am also the co-host of the Magick Kitchen Podcast with Leandra Witchwood, where we share magickal tips and musings on anything from shadow work to working with deity.


Though he prefers to remain anonymous, I cannot exclude my husband and his huge contributions as travel partner and editor for Seeking Numina's videos, and the Magick Kitchen Podcast. When I met him in college, he had never left the United States. Fortunately he took to traveling well and 7 countries, 4 years in Baltimore, and 3 college degrees later, we got married in and moved to Greece, and decided to make travel our focus and support my dream of becoming a "full-time" witch.

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- Spiritual tourism  - Living abroad as a pagan  - Spiritual living  - A career as a pagan writer  - Meditation writing/values of meditation

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