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All past workshops are available as courses for purchase on my Patreon Shop! Check it out here.

NOTE: you do not have to be a member of Patreon to shop!

FREE Course: Introduction to Magickal Living


Magickal living is the realist's path, it's not woo-woo, or love-and-light, Good Vibes Only™️.


It is about choosing the path of the things you actually want, no matter the "what if"s and uncomfy feelings that might happen along the way. Trust in yourself, trust your energy, and your life will feel more like your own.



This course includes:

✧ 1-hour video lesson

✧ Accompanying worksheet

✧ A 50% off coupon for the full course, "Manifesting a Spiritual Life"

✧ Personal help from Elyse whenever you need it

Choose Joy & Find Empowerment

Life gets in the way of life, sometimes.

Start learning to better balance your time and energy.

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Magickal Living Every Day

A 13 lesson self-paced master course on finding and engaging with spirituality in your everyday life.

This course includes:

✧ 13 video lessons

✧ Over a dozen 4k meditations

✧ A 130+ page printable workbook

✧ 10+ printable posters

✧ Personal help from Elyse whenever you need it


Kore R.

"Fantastic series! Highly recommend. Elyse’s spirit shines through."


Anthony M.

"This course helped me find deeper fulfillment mentally, spiritually, and physically. I wish more people would integrate ayurvedic principles."

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Sunny C.

"I was admittedly skeptical at first but participated fully and really found myself. Thank you again!"

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