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Take a Pilgrimage to Ancient Greece

My tours of Greece take you to temples of the ancient world with the experienced perspectives as a spiritual guide, a masters degree-holding professional historian, and local Greek citizen.


All tours include transport, including pick up and drop off, for up to 4 people for an intimate experience: a bonus to my tours is there are no big groups


On the journey to our main destination, we will also stop at various landmarks to discuss the context of the ancient landscape and paint the full picture of these spiritual destinations.


Tours can also include a meal option at Greek restaurants with scenic views and authentic food, and for the Temple of Artemis, a swimming excursion to a wonderfully scenic local beach is also possible. 

Mobility restrictions notice: 

The city of Rhamnous (not the temple of Nemesis itself) has uneven, hilly terrain that may be difficult for people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties.

Tours take 4-6 hours so only one tour runs per day. Tours are available from March 1st to September 1st each year. Prices vary per location and group size, email for more information.

View the playlist above to see videos at the locations I can take you to.

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The Temple of Artemis, Brauron (Vavrona)

The Temple of Artemis is so much more than it seems, and its holy springs infintiely older. This temple to the Goddess of hunting and animals is one of few where the priestess is known and celebrated nearly as much as the Goddess. Priestess Iphegenia's poetry, writings, and gravesite found here helped to tell the story of a holy land in use for at least 4,000 years, spanning back ritual use well before the temple's construction, to honor the Earth Goddess, Gaia.



The Temple of Poseidon, Sounio

For thousands of years the God of the Sea, Poseidon, has welcomed ships home and deterred invaders. Overlooking the cape at the ultimate end of Athens' county of Attica, this impressive temple is known for its sunset views and in the summer, unique ptarmigan birds. This site is also significant for fans of literature, as a mention in Homer's Illiad (the Odyssey) and Lord Byron's favorite temple in Greece.

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The Temple at Eleusis - home of the Eleusinian Mysteries, Eleusina

The powerful magic of Persephone's descent to Hades comes to light at the site of the cult of Persphone & Demeter's rituals. The Mystery cults of ancient Greece are of course mysterious, but here at Eleusis, the most well-documented rituals, mentioned in the Greek Magical Papyri, took place.



Temple of Nemesis, Rhamnous

The temple of Nemesis stands at the entrance to the completely-preserved ancient city of Rhamnous, both included in your tour. An extremely underrated site, and a very misunderstood Goddess, Nemesis, Goddess of Judgement, punishes hubris and arrogance, and successfully protected this city from invasion for over 2,000 years. Walk the actual streets from millenia past and see aqueducts, mills, pottery, shops, homes with intact staircases, statues, and stunning views of the Mediterranean. Rhamnous is a truly unforgettable visit.


Let's Explore Ancient Greece

Email me at to book or discuss group rates.

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