Published Works

MY DEBUT NOVEL coming 2024: "Witch on the Juniata River" from Running Wild Press

Charmed meets Nancy Drew when modern witch Kendra Hill sets out to uncover the connections between three ghosts and the Flood of 1889, an abandoned cemetery, and a jar of teeth - before the hauntings push her out of her home.

Coming 2023: "Neo Pagans and the Ainur Pantheon: Real World Practice  of Tolkien's Elven Religion" appearing in Follow Me: Religion in Fantasy & Science Fiction from Luna Press Publishing

The seventh installment of Luna Press' award-winning series, welcomes essays from academics, independent researchers, fans and creative writers, appealing to both the casual reader and a more research-oriented one. 


Coals in the Rain (pg. 34)
(link opens a PDF)

Free Verse Revolution, Issue VII: Tahmina (love & loss) - September 2022

Tuesday Twilight (pg. 26-27)

Gypsophila Magazine - August 2022

Bottled (performance)

Poetry Archive - August 2022


Bougainvillea Bright

Yellow Arrow Journal, UpSpring (Vol. II No. I) - May 2022

Nymphs on the Storm Moon 

Darksome Moon Blog - March 2022


The Triple Goddess Mindset

(in print only) Metaphysical Times - September 2022

Communicating with Your Ancestors at Samhain: Letter Writing

Sunflower Journal - September 2022


Poseidon's Sea: A Modern Refuge as the World Burns

Darksome Moon Blog - February 2022

Revisioning Gender & Deity with Kore Ravensea

Darksome Moon Blog - June 2021

Accessing Inanna

Darksome Moon Blog - April 2021

Book Review:"How Does it Touch Your Heart?"Herbs and Incense with Amy Blackthorn in Sacred Smoke

Darksome Moon Blog - March 2021

The Air and the Flame: Honoring Grief as Pagans

Darksome Moon Blog - January 2021


A Middle Eastern Road Trip (nonfiction travel narrative)

Storyhouse - October 2022