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Aayo Magazine

Aayo Magazine is an online literary magazine that aims to publish new writing from emerging as well as established writers.

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"The Water Looks Peaceful Away from the Coastline" 

A personal narrative of peace amidst turmoil.

Darksome Moon is an all-paths Pagan community space for connecting groups, seekers and resources. 

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Revisioning Gender and Deity By Kore RavenSea and Elyse Welles

Honoring Genderless and Multigender Deities


Accessing Inanna

Connecting with Inanna, the Goddess of Earth and Sky from ancient Mesopotamia.


The Air and the Flame: Honoring Grief as Pagans

poseidon god of the sea

Poseidon's Sea: A Modern Refuge as the World Burns

Poseidon's power through a modern lens, including an invocation for personal use.

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"How Does it Touch Your Heart?"

Herbs and Incense with Amy Blackthorn in Sacred Smoke


Nymphs on the Storm Moon


a poem inspired by the nymphs of Livadeia, Greece, written on location.