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Seeking Numina

(NOO-mih-nah) [Latin]
Places of Divine, Spiritual Power

 Seeking Numina is about embracing the world with magical living grounded in nature - through connections to land spirits, and spirits of place. To seek numina is to find the spiritual places within and around us.

Discover Magickal Living with Elyse Welles

10-year earth intuitive witch, tarot reader, author, & mentor.

Elyse Welles is a Greek and American earth intuitive witch and author. She cohosts the Magick Kitchen Podcast and is a monthly columnist for The Wild Hunt, Witch Way Magazine, and Full Moon Magazine. Her debut novel, "What the Water Remembers", a paranormal mystery that empowers witches in and out of the broom closet, releases autumn 2024, and she has a chapter titled "Neo-Pagans and the Ainur Pantheon" published in Lunar Press Publishing's 2023 anthology, "Follow Me: Religion in Fantasy and Science Fiction." Voted a best Poet of 2022 by Free Verse Revolution, her poetry has also been published in various journals and zines.


An initiate of the eclectic Faery Tradition, her practice is centered on connections to land spirits and sacred places (numina). She teaches witchcraft online and is an intuitive tarot reader. Follow her on Instagram @seekingnumina and subscribe to her newsletter here for updates on upcoming events and her writing.

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Join the Community

If you enjoy my content and want to see more, please consider supporting by joining the community on Patreon, where you can have access to exclusive content and opportunities such as:


Leandra and I's Magick Kitchen Pantry; 

Monthly mentorship sessions;

Exclusive videos on topics YOU choose;

Exclusive meditations;

Workbook-style activities and exercises for spiritual growth;

 Exclusive writing and other updates through the Patreon feed;

and more!


All past workshops are available as courses for purchase on my Patreon Shop! Check it out here.

NOTE: you do not have to be a member of Patreon to shop!

Tarot Readings with the Wildwood Tarot

With over a decade of experience with tarot, I am an intuitive tarot reader. That means I won't ask you any questions, I'll just ask that you focus on the issue or situation you'd like insight on.

8-card World Tree Reading (30 min): 8-card reading best for those in need of a broad, comprehensive overview.

3-card Brigid's Counsel Reading (20 min): 3 card reading giving advice on an action to take, and an action to avoid on a particular issue.

Processing Grief & Loss (30 min): A 7-card spread to help you understand your grief, honor your lost loved one(s), and manage your healing from their loss.

Upcoming Appearances & Workshops 

November 3-4th: Ancestral Magic Summit with Wendy Mata (ONLINE)

A weekend of learning with 26 amazing witches, spiritual practitioners, and more, including Leandra Witchwood, Lilith Dorsey, Ben Stimpson, and many, many more. Join Elyse for her presentation on ancient Greek and Roman lararia altars, the ancestor altars of our ancestors. She'll be sharing the history, how our ancestors venerated their ancestors, as well as how to make and use a lararia altar yourself! Get Tickets Here

November 11-12th: HekateFest (ONLINE) | November 11th at 1pm

A weekend of Hekate hosted by Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania-Zootrophos, Sanctuary of Hekate Propolos, and Sanctuaries of The Covenant of Hekate with dozens of presenters including rituals as well as lectures on various aspects of honoring Hekate. Join Elyse for her talk on November 11th, Artemis-Hekate: The Many Faces of Hekate. Is Artemis-Hekate a unique deity, or simply one face of a multifaceted goddess? A native of Artemis, Greece, Elyse Welles presents on the literature and archaeology of Ancient Greek research, particularly looking at evidence from her local temples. Get Tickets Here

December 11th, 2023: LAND SPIRITS: Connecting with Spirits of Place and Nature Spirits - Haven HdG | 130 Market St. Havre de Grace, MD, 7:00-8:30pm

Visiting from Artemis' temple lands in Greece, Elyse Welles is a land spirits witch, with a practice centered on connecting to land and spirits of place (numina.) In this 90-minute workshop, learn about spirits of place, how to connect to your local land spirits, and why this relationship will improve your spiritual practice. Get Tickets Here

Ask or Book

Here or at

If you would like to book an in-person tour of spiritual sites in Greece, or if you have any questions about upcoming workshops, my comunity, or my writing, let me know below on the Contact Form.

I am also available as a guest on your podcast, channel, or at your online event. Topics of expertise: 

- sacred travel - magickal living  - Living abroad as a pagan - overcoming limiting beliefs  - A career as a pagan writer  - Meditation writing/values of meditation - foraged witchery - syncretic universality of pagan belief and practice

Thank you for your questions, and for being a part of my journey!

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