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Seeking Numina

(NOO-mih-nah) [Latin]
Places of Divine, Spiritual Power

 Seeking Numina is about embracing the world with a spiritual mindset. To seek numina is to find the spiritual places within and around us.

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Discover Spirit-First Intentional Living with ElyseWelles

10-year spiritual practitioner, author, & guide.

​I'm Elyse Welles, a Greek-Egyptian American. I've lived on 3 continents and studied the spiritual in dozens of countries. I live in Greece now with my husband and our cat, Emma, writing; podcasting; YouTubing; coaching; teaching workshops; and leading spiritual pilgrimages to ancient Greek temples in the Athens area.

My online courses, "Manifesting a Spiritual Life", and my free course, "Introduction to Intentional, Spiritual Living" are available through Cerridwen's Grove Collective, an online school of magical personal growth.


I write non-fiction articles, poetry, and short stories, published in various places. My first novel, "Witch on the Juniata River", is coming in 2024 from Running Wild Press! Currently I am pursuing publication for my first non-fiction book on personal, spiritual development.

I co-host the Magick Kitchen Podcast with Leandra Witchwood, where we share magickal tips and musings on anything from shadow work to working with deity.

Seeking Numina is my YouTube channel where I share meditations, recipes, rituals, and conversations on Spirit-first intentional living.

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Join the Community

If you enjoy my content and want to see more, please consider supporting by joining the community on Patreon, where you can have access to exclusive content and opportunities such as:


Leandra and I's Magick Kitchen Pantry; 

Monthly coaching sessions;

Exclusive videos and meditations;

Workbook-style activities and exercises for spiritual growth;

 Exclusive writing and other updates through the Patreon feed;

and more!

Ask or Book

Here or at

If you would like to book an in-person tour of spiritual sites in Greece, or if you have any questions about upcoming workshops, my comunity, or my writing, let me know below on the Contact Form.

I am also available as a guest on your podcast, channel, or at your online event. Topics of expertise: 

- sacred travel - Intentional living  - Living abroad as a pagan  - Spirit-first mindset - overcoming limiting beliefs  - A career as a pagan writer  - Meditation writing/values of meditation

Thank you for your questions, and for being a part of my journey!

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