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Do we already have spirit guides? Are they the same as guardian angels? Are they dangerous? How do I know it's a spirit guide? Do they have to be dead people? How many do I have?

Elyse Welles is joined by Kelly Newton explain and explore their diverse perspectives on spirit guides, who they are, and how to connect with them. They'll answer all of these questions and more, helping you to build discernment and learn to trust your intuition and the messages you receive. They'll provide resources and prompts for you to use to connect to your guides anytime, and anywhere.

The Modern History of Witchcraft lecture

Learn how modern witchcraft evolved, from Spiritualists to feminists, Wicca to eclectic, and everything in between.

Witchcraft is often touted as the oldest religion in the world, but what are the roots of what we actually practice? Learn the origins and development of the altar set ups and tools like athames and wands; the Cone of Power and ritual structures; calling the Quarters and moving widdershins or deosil; the Wheel of the Year; and so much more in this 1-hour online workshop.


Receive a downloadable resource guide, recording of the lecture, and a notes guide as well when you attend.


Episode 18: Where in the World is Elyse Welles?Spirit of Place, Seeking Numina, and Spirit-led Travel

Mystic and Holistic Podcast by Alli Jordan


Episode 4: Witches are Crafty w/ Leandra Witchwood and Elyse Welles

Mystic and Holistic Podcast by Alli Jordan

#6: Intentional Living, Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, and Following your Path with Elyse Welles

A Nourishing Place Podcast by Kelly Newton

Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft with Elyse

Friends with Everyone Podcast with Sherry Kuiper

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Past Events:


Not Just Chakras & Meditation: The Hindu Influence on Witchcraft & Paganism

Discover a shared history in how your witchcraft already reflects Hindu and Buddhist practices, & how they can further enhance your path in this 1 hour online workshop.


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May 20th, 2022 - "Manifesting a Spiritual Life"


In-person and livestreamed at Symmetry Holistic Collective in York, PA. Available as a FREE course here on Rebel Mystic.

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