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Manifesting a Spiritual Life

Choose Joy & Find Empowerment

Life gets in the way of life, sometimes.

Start learning to better balance your time and energy.

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Manifesting a Spiritual Life

A 13 lesson self-paced master course on finding and engaging with spirituality in your everyday life.

This course includes:

✧ 13 video lessons

✧ Over a dozen 4k meditations

✧ A 130+ page printable workbook

✧ 10+ printable posters

✧ Personal help from Elyse whenever you need it

More about me, Elyse Welles


A spiritual practitioner for ten years across four countries, I currently live in Greece. A first generation Greek-Egyptian American, and world traveler, my eclectic background and experiences in spiritual places around the world informs my course in a variety of spiritual perspectives. I hold a masters degree in history and am a student of Ayurveda and Reiki, with a background of five years of teaching in the classroom.


I am a tour guide in Greece, a spiritual coach online, cohost for the Magick Kitchen Podcast, and run Seeking Numina, my YouTube channel, unconventionally chronicling spiritual travels through immersive meditations, natural ambience, and history to bring you the spirit of place no matter where you are in the world.


When I'm not traveling, I am a "seaside hedge witch", often found in the kitchen, walking the sea, or reading with my cat, Emma. 


Kore R.

"Fantastic series! Highly recommend. Elyse’s spirit shines through."


Anthony M.

"This course helped me find deeper fulfillment mentally, spiritually, and physically. I wish more people would integrate ayurvedic principles."

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Sunny C.

"I was admittedly skeptical at first but participated fully and really found myself. Thank you again!"